BJD face up

Face up on Volks F31

My poor guy looks like a girl with this wig ! But with his new face up, this is the only one i got that suits him now (it belongs to Gahaiah).
I wanted to re do his face up for months but i was pretty scared to remove Volks face up. It was nice, i liked it but this guy is not young anymore and he needed a little fresh up !
My new face up is not very different from the original one but i’m glad of how it turned out. Now he looks good again and well, he was my last dolls with a face up not made by me. And now he’s completely a part of the family ! lol
If you’re interested in having a face up from me, please don’t hesitate to contact me or to get a look at my galery ^^

The head in the beginning :

Then without face up :

With new face up, without eyelashes :

and with eyelashes and eyes ^^

Thank you !!

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