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Leeke clothes design contest

I don’t know if you noticed recently, but Leeke organizes a clothes design contest. I took my time to decide which style i wanted to propose to this company. I like Leeke alot, first of all because i like their wigs, their sd dolls (Arien is my favourite leeke sd girl) and also because they have been so nice and so professionnal during the festival with me and Cycy. 

I wanted to make a blue outfit. But don’t ask me why, i finally made something white, cream and red. lol I wanted to make an outfit with a touch of christmas, something cute. Leeke sd girls are so cute and look like little girls, i was thinking that a short skirt with a blouse, a little bit « lolita » would be perfect for them. That is the way i see their dolls at least. 

Of course i am not really satisfied with the final outfit. Lelahel looks like…i don’t know, like a little girl from switzerland maybe lool ! But i don’t have time to make something else so i thought about it and well, this is maybe just the first clothes contest and if they don’t like it enough, i would try something completely different next time. 

Anyway, this will be the first outfit of the « christmas collection » i will present in the beginning of december. I should go to a place i like a lot tomorrow to find very high quality fabrics, and i will start working hard to present you some outfits « 100% christmas » lol 

I hope you will like this one, i hope leeke will like it too ^^ 

thank you for watching ^^ ! 

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