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Before contacting me, please read all the informations below

I like making faces up for my dolls. it’s something relaxing for me. I would like to improve my abilities and techniques by making more faces up and on different dolls molds. As i really want it to remain a pleasure when i have free time. I will accept only few slots per months. And if more people let me know that they’re interested in my work, i may think about accepting more.

I’ve started making faces up some years ago, but i consider myself as being a beginner. I won’t accept to make too complicated work, no tattoo, no modifications.

I use Mister Super Clear flat spray to seal the face up, pastel and watercolors.I don’t use aerograph.
I don’t feel comfortable enough to accept commissions for size under msd. MSD and SD only please.
I’ll ask the same price for MSd and SD size. First because the quantity of material i use are not that different, and because i spend around the same time in small and big heads.

I include the price of eyelashes and i’ll put eyelashes if you don’t tell me you don’t want them.
Price of removing an old face up is not included.

I think you should always commission somebody because you like the character and the work of the maker. I won’t accept to copy the work of a face up artist or of something made by a company. Please ask for a face up from me for what i do.

How to proceed

1 – read informations and contact me
Please read first all informations in this page to be sure you agree with all informations and conditions. Then, please send an email, and tell me when you wish to hold a slot, for which head it is and what you would like me to do. I’ll answer to you as soon as i can (usually within 2 days but if i’m very busy, it can take some days more). I can refuse a commission if i don’t feel comfortable with the doll mold, or what you would like me to do.
If i accept the commission, i will ask you a non refundable deposit of 10€ via paypal. I won’t hold any slot without deposit.
When i have your deposit, i will send you my postal address.
Please note that : i’m not responsible for any loss or damage during the transportation of your doll. I highly recommend to send your doll with a tracking number and insurance. The shipping costs will be at your charge.
Please insert a plastic doll head mask with your doll head, for the head to be protected when i’ll send it back to you. I won’t give any head mask so if you don’t send one to me, the face up will probably be damaged on the way back.
If you haven’t done it before, you should send me what you exactly want as face up by email, so i could start working on your doll as soon as it arrived to my house.

2 – I recieve your doll head, i make the face up
When i recieve your doll head, i will of course send you an email to let you know it. Then i’ll make your face up in around 2 weeks (if the weather is good). I won’t send you pictures of the different steps of the face up. I’ll send you pictures of the finnished work by email and publish them here on my blog.
If you’re not satisfied of the face up and if it’s because i misunderstood your instructions, i’ll make another face up as soon as possible. Please note that i’ll redo it if i really made a mistake. But if you just changed your mind during the period i’m making it, i’ll ask for an extra money to redo it.
If you liked the work and you’re satisfied with it, i’ll ask you the rest of the amount of the face up, plus the shipping cost for the return of your doll head. i’ll send your doll head with tracking number and insurance. I won’t send you your doll head back if i don’t have the payment.

3 – I send your doll head back
When you send me the money, please send me your address too (sometimes it doesn’t appear on paypal payments).
As soon as i shipped your doll head, i’ll let you know the tracking number.

MSD or SD size : 30€ (including eyelashes)
Removing an old face up : +5€

Shipping cost :
France : +5.9€ (colissimo)
Europe : + around 8€
Rest of the world : around 12€

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