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[ooak] first for Ldoll !

So here we are, i made my first ooak outfit for Ldoll ! Well, it is supposed to be for ldoll, depending on how fast i will work this month, i will maybe put some of those unique outfits for sale in Petite Precieuse… but i’ll make an announcement here if i decided to do it !

It has been soo good to make something with my own inspiration only, following my feelings ! but also so complicated in the beginning : i had so many ideas, my mind were jumping from one idea to another. lol i tried to make quick sketches to keep the ideas somewhere, but i’m so bad at drawing ><

Anyway, i could not define the style of this outfit. it’s a mix of…a lot of things lol but it is like me ^^

All the fabrics i used and the braids and laces have been made in France, in my town area. I am very proud to use those very high quality materials made here. And they are gorgeous.

Here it is when the doll stands up :

It includes :

– panties

– very soft transparent skirt

– underbust corset

– top

– sleeves

– necklaces

Without underbust corset :

Without the long soft and transparent skirt :

aaand panties :

I hope you like it !!

Thank you ^_^

3 Replies to “[ooak] first for Ldoll !”

  1. Simply breathtaking, I love it..
    I would define it as « Exotic », like in « exotic dancer and from an exotic elfin culture.
    Keep up the good work, and it is a pity that I will not have the opportunity to visit LDoll…

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