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[ooak] Sweet Marquise

I made this one of a kind outfit this week end. how good it is to feel that creation and the desire to sew is coming back in my mind ! I had so many worried about moving, difficulties in some relationships and so on, that i think i have lost a part of myself during the past month. But now i can feel it is back and i want to make a lot of original outfits ^_^

And you know what, i also can see that i have like updated my abilities for sewing. As you maybe know, i never took any lessons to know how to create clothes. i discovered everything by myself : i’m a self taught girl ^^ For a long time, i could notice that it was a problem and that i couldn’t realize all the outfits i was elaborating in my mind, because of my lack of technichal knowledge. it starts to be less and less what happens.

But enough talking ! Here is my Marquise outfit for SD girls ^_^ I’ll put it on sale in the end of february with my other new ooak outfits ^^

This outfit includes :

the skirt made of a soft synthetic white fabric with white lace

the corset made of a very high quality fabric made in france

the jacket made of the same fabric than the one used for the corset but in pink color

the necklace

and the headpiece ^^

Thank you for your support !!

One Reply to “[ooak] Sweet Marquise”

  1. Merci beaucoup Lyderic !! J’ai malheureusement effacé ton commentaire dans une mauvaise manipulation T_T je suis désoléééée…
    J’ai hâte d’être dans mon nouveau chez moi et de me mettre au travail à fond, je sens que tout ça revient et ça me fait du bien ^^
    Merci en tout cas du soutien !!!

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