BJD Clothing

Oriental Prince

I haven’t made any outfit for boy for ages. It was pleasure to make this one for my volks sd13 boy !
I got inspiration from oriental princes in india and rajasthan. They look so delicat, stylish and royal !
This outfit includes pants, jacket, belt, stole and « hat ». But i don’t know yet if i’ll put it for sale on etsy. First because i should keep some outfit for ldoll in October. And second because i may put my boy for sale. If i finally decide to sell him, i will maybe propose him for sale with fullset. And this may be this one lol For sale in internet or just at ldoll ? I don’t know yet, everything is not quite clear for me now.
But i feel like i would like to get some new dolls, to change my doll family. I like all of the 6 i have now at home but i can see that i don’t sew as much as before and i don’t feel like i would like to spend time to customize them as much as before. So it may be time for changes !

Anyway : pictures of the outfit !

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