my dolls

New guy at home and new look for the website ^^

I recieved a new doll yesterday, a new guy !! 

He is one of my dreamdoll : a volks F31. 

My friend Cycy had one some years ago (an old incarnation of Loki for the ones who know her characters ^^). He was sooo handsome, and when she decided to sell him, i unfortunately was unable to find money to buy him. Time flown away but this mold remains one of my favourite for guys and one of my favourite volks mold. 

I’m so glad to have one at home now, i could afford to buy this one (exactly the one i was looking for, with sd13 long leg body, natural skin and elf ears !) thanks to ldoll festival. 

I don’t have a name for him so far, i was thinking that he could be lelahel’s brother – Neylan – but now that i have him here, i know it’s not Neylan. 

I have a character for him – lelahel’s neighbour – but still no name. 

And today i made a new look for the website ^^ Christmas look ! Ok it’s abit early for christmas but i like this period so much that i couldn’t wait more to change the layout ^^ i hope you’ll like it !! 

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