[com] Fubuki the sorcerer

I’m back to work !! I missed sewing, but i really needed some time to rest a little bit.

I have many many bad things to manage in my private life, i need more time to make an outfit than it usually takes. But i like it so much. No matter what society can say, no matter how strong they try to make me say that making clothes for dolls is not a « real » job, i know i’m made to sew and make clothes (for dolls or human) !

Here is the beautiful Fubuki, as a powerful sorcerer. I hope my friend Julien will like what i made for her ^_^

I used some pretty nice high quality velvet in blue and silver, and a nice printed cream fabric.

Pictures !

It includes a skirt, a top, the necklace and the cloack

Thank you for watching !

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