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Ldoll Festival 3, new doll, face up commission

Hi everybody !

Ldoll festival was almost 10 days ago. I should have written here before but i still feel so tired, i will need a lot of time to recover from all the stress i had for months preparing the festival as an organizer and my booth for this festival.

The event was really great. People were happy of being there and that was the best gift an organizer could have asked for. The exhibitors were happy of the way the festival went also, and it was very important for me that they felt good in the event. I have written so much with some of them those last months that they are almost like people i know well. I wouldn’t say like friends because it’s a very strong word, but like someone i like. It was so good to see some of them again, i mean we meet once a year at the festival and this is an happy moment everytime. I was glad to see the finnish girls, Tatiana from russia, Blanche Alix, Zun, Eglantine, and soooo many other people !!

And i would like to say a big thank you to Perish, Julien and Elghyn for taking care of my booth and being the best sellers in the world ^^ If they wouldn’t have been there, i don’tk now how i could have done this. Of course the festival is very important for me as an organizer, but it is even more important as an exhibitor. Being a seamstress is the main job of my life and that was important for me to show my work. Thank you so much you three, and thank you to all of you who came in my booth and bought some of my unique clothes !!

I have a new doll, that i won at a lottery made for the ldoll staff by noble dolls. Well, in fact, my dad won the doll, and he gave her to me. She is a gorgeous noble dolls Rhubarbe, i like her so much ! You know that i’m not a very big fan of tiny dolls and rhubarbe is 29cm high. But i’m completely crazy with her funny little face, she is so cute !! I like her a lot and she is my very first artist doll, and that makes her very special to me !! I still have to find her a name, i will have to buy wig and make clothes for her, but i couldn’t wait to show her face so i took the rabbit clothes and wig of my soom glot Sina just for the photo session !

Isn’t she cuuuute ?

Well and now i’m working on two big things :

– the new conditions and prices for my clothes commissions. I will accept less commission to allow me to make more unique outfits available for sale.

– and i will open some face up service slots. I wanted to try it for a long time but couldn’t find the energy. I think it’s time for me, even if i’m just a beginner. I will open a face up gallery here and will update the website with price and condition as soon as it’s ready.

Next update about face up and clothes services should be made here in the upcoming  weeks ^^

Thank you !

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