Message about Ldoll Festival

As some of you know, I was one of the organizer of Ldoll Festival, the biggest bjd event in Europe. I posted this message on Ldoll website some days ago :

« Dear all, 

The sixth edition of Ldoll has just been announced. And I announce today that i am no longer in the organization team of the festival. 

The event has become big since 2009 when we launched it with Cycy. It never stopped growing up, Jaina joined our organization team and the staff team has always been a trusworthy support. But I am professionaly changing direction and the new start for my private life requires all my energy and time. I have to take this decision, with sadness but also resolution. 

My very dear Cycy and Jaina will be great, i have no doubt about it. And Pestia will also do as good as when she’s on the podium of the festival for the animation, to manage the relations with exhibitors ! 

It’s not farewell, just goodbye, as i’ll be at Ldoll 6 as exhibitor. But of of those goodbyes when you would like to cry and smile at the same time. Thank you to the exhibitors who have been so nice and positive with me, they will recognize themselves. And to Cycy and Jaina, for everything, they know it !! 

See you on October, let’s all ardently prepare the festival ^^ 

Lelahel <3″

The decision was hard to make but necessary for me. And as i said, i will attend the event as an exhibitor anyway. I hope to meet many of you there and this time, i will have time to chat with you and to talk about dolls. Thank you again for all the people who support me with the had job of organizing the event. See  you in a new adventure !

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