BJD face up my dolls

different faces up on Serena

I made a new face up for Lelahel, my souldoll Serena, today. This one is the 4th on this doll i recieved less than 2 months ago ! lol

The head, blank :

And here is the very first try  ! :

I did something very close from what was on the previous mold for this character, my fairyland mirwen :

Of course it’s not looking good on souldoll’s doll. The skin color is different, my souldoll is a very light normal skin. And the faces are so different !

So i made a 2nd try ^^ :

It looked better but i had a problem with lips, too pink for me. That’s why i tried to make it different :

No pink anymore. It was ok on the eyes but she looked so… greyish ><

Soo here we are today, with brighter lips :

What do you think ? It’s better isn’t it ? I start being almost satisfied.

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