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[my dolls] face up for mielikki and family portrait

I remade the face up of my minifee juri 2010, Mielikki.

But i don’t know if i’m ok with it or not. So maybe this one won’t be the last one ^^ i made a « before/after » pic, and a portrait of her :

before on the left, now on the right… Which one do you prefer ?

And i wanted to make a family portrait of my doll family for a long time, but i couldn’t find the time to do it. I’m glad i did it this morning…

So i have 7 dolls at home, which is at the same time a big and small doll family. As i have two msd sizes and one tiny sizes, i feel like i got only 4 dolls lol But i like them all, and i’m happy to be waiting for a new guy (supergem sabik) !

Mielikki is a minifee juri 2010

Isten is a kid delf maska elf version

Jeline is a supergem beryl lmod

Gahaiah is a feeple65 chloe

Tiera is a nobledoll rhubarbe

Lelahel is a feeple60 mirwen

and Aslander is a volks fcs f31


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