Items (eyes and wigs) for sale !

I put some items for sale !

Prices do not include shipping costs and paypal fees. Please contact me if interested ^^


– Cream/blond luts SD (9/10) wig : 15€ (20$)

Perfect condition, i almost never used it, mint condition


– Grey luts MSD (7/8) wig : 12€ (15$)

Very good condition


– Black iplehouse MSD 7/8 wig : 12€ (15$)

I cut the fringe by myself but it has been well made. I got this wig for years but it’s in very good condition.


– Cherry (red) luts SD 9/10 wig : 12€ (15$) sold

I like this color a lot ! in very good condition (it’s supposed to be a wig for boy, but it can suit girls also)


 – Teal blue luts MSD 7/8 wig : 15€ (20$) sold

This is real teal blue wig, just that my camera doesn’t show it well. Perfect condition.



– 14mm acrylic eyes from Dollmore : 5€ (7$) sold
Mint condition, i think i never used them
– 14mm blue and green glass eyes : 10€ (13$)
Don’t remember where i bought them ^^’ perfect condition
– 14mm brown and red glass eyes : 10€ (13$)
I think i bought them on DoA, perfect condition
– 14mm honey glass eyes : 10€ (13$)
bought on den of angels too, perfect condition (and they really have the color of honey ^^)
– 10mm black and grey glass eyes : 10€ (13$)
Bought them on ebay, just tried them on my doll, never used and perfect condition
– 16mm pink and blue luts glass eyes : 15€ (20$)
Those eyes came with my limited maska elf version from luts. I think those eyes are limited. I never used them.
– 14mm sparkles red glass eyes : 10€ (13$)
Bought them on ebay. They’re really nice and they are a small 14mm size. Perfect condition
– 14mm sparkles green glass eyes : 10€ (13$)

Bought them on ebay, very nice ^^ perfect condition

If you »re interested in an item, please leave me a comment or contact me by email at contact[at]lelahel.net
Thank you ^_^

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