[commission] for Kiwix !

This is the second outfit i make for Kiwix !

The first time he asked me to make a yellow and blue outfit. That was really strange for me who’re not used to mix vivid colors. You can find the post with it in this blog, it was this dress :

We met at ldoll and he joined us as a member of ldoll staff. He’s a really nice guy and i was happy to see the outfit on his peakswoods girl ^^

And then he asked me for this new commission : an msd outfit in orange and grey. I thought « woah this is not possible ». I confess orange is the color i really don’t like. The second one is yellow lol But well, this is the good point of working on demand for other people. To overcome your own vision of clothes (or anything else you can do) and to make you see things from another point of view. This was not easy but i finally did it ^^ And i hope he’ll like it !

(Isten – who’s a kid delf boy – is really glad to play model for girl clothes !)

Oh and i just wanted to tell you that i still have problems with comments here. I have fake com’ everyday from bots to put advertisment for naughty website in my own blog. I erase them everyday but i hope this doesn’t stop you from writting…

Thank you !

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