[commission] steam girl for Lintila

First i would like to apologize : it seems like there are a lot of problems with my blog and comments. I don’t know what i could do for those bots who always try to leave me ad comments, i have to delete them one by one. ANd i hope i haven’t deleted any of your own messages.

I would like to apologize also for the ones who sent me mail to hold a slot for commission and to who i haven’t answered yet. I’m sorry it takes me so long to reply to my messages… I’ll do my best from now. My commission slot are full until mid april, i will update it.

I have a new camera. the bridge camera i had before was dying for months, i really had to make my choice and buy a new one. I took a compact camera from Sony which had best quotes on photography websites… I confess i’m a little bit disappointed now. But maybe it’s just because i haven’t « tamed » it. I was able to make my own settings with my old camera, it seems like i have less possibilities on this one. Which is kind of logical because this new one is a compact camera and my old olympus was a bridge… Well, i’ll see. But sorry for the weird photos.

Aaand here is the commission outfit for super gem girl in a steampunk style (but still with my own style). That’s the first i make, i hope lintila will like it !

thank you for your support !!

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