BJD Clothing ooak outfits

Red & green, for boys


I started sewing again with an outfit for my sd13 boy : Aslander. He’s a Volks f-31. I like him pretty much but i got problems finding him a new wig (i don’t find anything i like to be honest) and i know i should do a new face up for him but i can’t decide myself. I’m his second owner, this face up has been done by volks and i like it. But it looks a little bit old and dirty, he would be a lot nicer with a fresher look. But i’m not as comfortable with face up on boys as i can now feel with girls.
Anyway this first new outfit is very simple but i’m glad to see it done ! I haven’t made anything from ldoll so far !
The outfit includes pants, shirt, waistcoat and bow tie.
Many others will come ^^ ! And as soon as i have enough outfits ready, i will update my etsy shop ^^

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