Ldoll 4 : thank you !!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to my stand at ldoll, and all the people who came to talk to me during the festival. Your support is my main gazoline, as i always say. <3 I will update my etsy shop soon with the outfits i still have but i need some day of holidays first ^^ Thank you <3

Come to talk to me at Ldoll 4 !

I can’t believe i didn’t take time to talk about it seriously here !
I am the co organizer of ldoll festival and i haven’t even mentioned my booth and my place in the floor plan here >< So all my creations will be available at ldoll, and my stand is in P11 ! Four adorable friends will be there to welcome you and to inform you about my outfits and necklaces. I'll always be somewhere in the hall, probably running for something ^^ But please, if you want to talk with me, just come to talk ! I would be delighted ^^ Thank you !!