Welcome to Lelahel’s commissions thread.

I create and realize original designed clothes.
All clothes are handmade and I use only good quality materials.
I also make original faces up for your dolls.

If you want to know more about available slots, prices and so on, please visit the dedicated pages blow.

Thank you !


Clothes commission

– No available slots at this moment

If you want informations about clothes service, please visit the specific page for clothes commission :

Face up commission

– Opened : slots available !

If you want more informations about face up service, please visit the page below

One thought on “Commissions”

  1. Thank you for your comment and you interest in my work Dan ^^
    This could be a quite interesting style, even if i have never made such a thing before. I could consider trying to make something in the same spirit but not exactly the same, it looks too difficult for me ^^ I don’t take any commission but when i have time, i could do that for one of my doll.
    But if you’re really interesting in something like that, maybe you know that iplehouse made some outfits in very close fitting like this, and maybe dollmore had one too but i wonder if this was pants or short pants…
    Thank you for your comment ^^

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