[commission] blue regency for duskblue

Regency dress style for Dusblue (thank you for coming back ^_^).

As her character is conservative, i chose to make a high collar and a big necklace to hide most of her skin. I just also noticed that i didn’t made a lot of outfits in blue, and i like this color a lot ! I’ll try to look for more blue fabrics next time i’ll go to my fabric suppliers ^_^

This outfit has been made for a senior delf girl size, that’s why it doesn’t look very well fitted on my feeple60 girl ^_^

The outfit includes :

the blue dress made of two layers (one in blue and one in gray)

the upper dress made of that very high quality fabric that i like so much

the belt with cream and blue lace

the white and soft stole

the necklace

Thank you ^_^

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