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[ooak] au revoir oufit

Ok the name of this outfit is really bad and only inspired by the photo i made of my minifee wearing the outfit (the first pic, up ^^). I have noo idea for names, i’m bad at finding brilliant idea about how to call them…

Anyway this is my first minifee outfit for Ldoll ! The festival is closer everyday, and i have sooo much work to do, still. I don’t know if i’ll survive… Of course i’ll survive !! but i’ll need some weeks of holidays after the event ^^

I don’t know if i’ll have time to make more. And this is not easy to make minifee outfit. First because it is a small size for me (yes, remember ? i like big dolls ^^). And because i would like to make something in my own style. There is already a big choice of minifee outfit through websites or seamstresses. I didn’t want to make short skirt with corset, you see what i mean ? And i made this very simple outfit, composed of a very long skirt and a blouse. I hope you’ll like it !

I think i’ll try to make one of this pattern in sd size too if i have time ^^

thank you for keeping visiting this blog !!

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