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Minifee Eliya

3 years ago i bought my first minifee doll. I liked her a lot, she was a dark elf soo. But i had to sell her two years ago when soom released one of my dream doll : the super gem beryl. I wanted one so much that i decided to sacrifice two of my dolls to buy her. My minifee girl and my JID boy. 

Two months and a half ago i had the opportunity to buy a minifee again : i missed this doll so much !! I decided to change the mold, to try a new head for my character. I saw some very cute customization of eliya on DoA and i decided to buy it, to make a try. 

I recieved her two days ago. But my character doesn »t want to fit this doll. I felt disappointed but that was the rule… 

So i will sell those two eliya heads (opening head and sleeping head) to buy when i’ll have enough money, the minifee head i’m dreaming of  : the juri 2008. 

If you’re interested in buying one of them, please send me a message. 

I’ll put them for sale on den of angels and materiel celeste too, tomorrow or in two days. 


And just two pics to show to my friend Le Tama the color of the mystic eyes i own ^^ 

they’re gorgeous !! 

3 Replies to “Minifee Eliya”

  1. C’est dommage que tu n’arrives pas à la faire rentrer dans le moule, je l’aime beaucoup comme ça (du moins de ce qu’elle veut bien montrer la p’tite peste ;p)
    Bonne chance pour trouver THE tête qui lui convient ^^

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