BJD Clothing

warm black and blue

Complete outfit for rainy days !

The outfits includes : the dress, bag, hat and necklace !

I like pretty much making clothes for sd size and my too feeple girls are perfect. Lately i was thinking of putting my fla for sale (thalie, the one on those pictures), because i like so much the new girl from youpladolls : tamara. Preorders have opened and i couldn’t decide to let one of the girl go to afford a new mold. Well, i will wait a little bit more, hoping that i will get other opportunities to find tamara in some months ! My souldoll girl is still for sale but marketplace is quite hard lately and i don’t know, maybe she is too much…different ?

Anyway, here is my latest outfit for sd girls, available on my etsy shop ^^

thank you ^_^

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