I’m back !

I have moved to my new flat and my atelier is now ready for new work ! I’m back to work ! 
i’ll present new unique outfits in the upcoming days. I should make an update on my etsy shop with those outfits available in the beginning of march. 

I’m thinking about new way to work and to create. I’ve started sewing for dolls as my main job already 3 years ago, and i still can’t survive with the little money i earn with my creations. it’s time to think in a different way, with new ideas. I’ve recieved messages from some of you that i thank so much, about available slots for commission. I can’t say how much your support is precious to me, thank you so much for contacting me and trusting me enough to ask me for commissions. I still don’t know if i’ll open my slots, but i should let you know in two or three weeks now. 

Thank you again, i really want to keep sewing, this is so much what i like and what i’m made to do ! I’ll let you know very soon about my decisions <3 

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