[update] about commissions and ooak outfits

opening in May ^^ ! 

As you know, i took some time to think about a re organization of my work recently. I decided what to do and here are the new rules if you’re interested enough in my work that you would like to order an outfit for your doll ^_^

     – ABOUT COMMISSIONS (made-to-order outfits)

Commissions represent a very interesting but also very heavy job for me. First because i need to think with the features of someone else. But also it is like creating a whole new dress, from the beginning, everytime (so i need to make patterns sometimes, to look for the good fabrics, go to find them if i don’t have at home and so on). I need a lot of time to make a commission, so many time that i couldn’t find any time anymore to make new patterns and unique outfits for sale. 

I won’t change my prices but i really would like to offer a way to present the outfits quickly to the people who hold a slot for commissions. I had more than a month and an half late for my last orders, i don’t want it to happen again. 

So : 

– First i will still limit the slots to 3 per month, or to one slot for 3 people per month (so not more than one outfit in the same time per name). 

– I’ll open reservations for commissions slots every 15th for the following month. For instance, i’ll open the reservations for may slots on the 15th of april. As soon as the 3 slots are taken, i’ll close the reservations until the next month. I won’t accept to book slots for the following month (for instance, not for june if it’s about may slots). 

– Please check the list of my dolls and be sure that your doll matches with one of mines for the measurements. I won’t accept to make outfit if i don’t have the doll at home. I want to make a well fitted and well made outfit for you, no approximate work. 

– i don’t hold a slot as long as i have not recieved the deposit

           – ABOUT OOAK OUTFITS : 

I hope i’ll be able to make more outfits in the upcoming months. I’ll keep some of them for ldoll festival in october. 

As long as Petite Precieuse is not reopened, i’ll update my Etsy shop every 25 of the month ^^ Of course i’ll announce it in the blog !

I still accept faces up commissions also ^^ 

I won’t open my commissions slots in april but in May : i still have some belated commissions to do ^^ 

I would like to thank you again, especially the ones of you who sent me spontaneously messages to support me and of course, the ones who orders outfits from me ! 

Thank you for reading, and feel free to send me messages if you have question !! 

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