BJD Clothing my dolls Necklaces

My girls !


oooh i should really buy a backdrop on ebay…
I made the same dress for all my girls. I wanted something very simple, in neutral color, to enlight my necklaces. They look like they’re going to a wedding lol And as you can see with those pics, i like small and discreet necklaces ! ^_^
I made new jewelries those days, but i haven’t taken any pic yet. I’ll post it as soon as i did them ^^
My girls, just because i like them !
lapis lazuli for Gahaiah, my feeple65 Chloe

amethyst for Jeline, my soom supergem Beryl

peridot for Mielikki, my minifee juri 2010

and amber for Lelahel, my feeple60 Mirwen

Thank you ^^

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