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Back from holidays, with a new girl at home !


I’m back from holidays, back from Japan ! For the first time since five years, i’ve been away from work, and dolls, creations, and Ldoll, for around a month. How great it was !!
It was very nice being in Japan again. As you maybe know, i studied japanese language, culture and litterature in university and i lived a year in Kyoto for my master degree. I missed Japan so much that sometimes i had problem focusing on sewing. It was necessary for me to go back there for some time, and we stayed two weeks in Kyoto. I was happy to be in the places i used to be and like five years ago. All the trip was really nice and even if i’m still tired, i know my mind is peaceful, my heart is full of positive emotions and memories. Ready to go back to life and work ^_^
It was of course also nice to be away from stress for a while. Working on your own, being your boss, having all the responsabilities and organizing ldoll festival for all those years brought a lot and lot of stress. This opportunity, to close the door for some weeks, has been what i needed to feel able to fight again ! I see now what i want to do clearly again !
But well, just to say i’m back and i hope you’re still there, liking my work !!
I have recieved the lillycat cerisedolls ellana in pink tan skin i ordered in the end of november, this morning. And i like her very much ! The skin color is warm and beautiful. Her face is gorgeous, she is what i expected her to be to fit in one of my character (the character is Liselotte, she was previously a custom house iriya ^^). I couldn’t wait so i made the face up right away ! now i have to made her clothes and necklaces ^^

And to end this message, i wish you all a very happy new year ! I couldn’t do it before ^^ I hope you’ll all spend a surprising and fantastic year, full of positive emotions !

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