New year, new projects

I have been away from my computer, website, and creations for months. I needed some time to rest after Ldoll, some time to find myself again away from the doll community, from the pressure to make new things, always, to sell the outfits, and so on. I have even put my dolls on my closet for almost two months. It was the first time since i started to collect them in 2006.
I hope you all spent very nice time with your family, for christmas, and the new years eve ! I would like to wish you all a very happy new year ! May 2015 be full of good surprises, of new projects in your life, of happy moments with all the people who like !
I was at my father’s place for 10 days, enjoying simple things, being with my dad and my bro, and it was just what i needed. I came back to Lyon two weeks ago, spent some nice time with friends. And now i feel like i’m ready again. Ready to sew, to enjoy my dolls, the community, and so on.
But I know now also that i don’t want things to go on the way it was during those past years. I thought a lot about everything, and i took a big decision. I will keep my sewings, but as a hobby. I have tried so much to make it my full time job, withtout success, that i have been very close to feel disgusted by dolls. This pressure, and the pressure of organizing Ldoll, was too much. Now i want to get a side job, to get in peace with all the financial problems. And i will sew only during my free time. That was a hard decision to make, i had to accept that my project and all the motivation i invested on it, were finally not enough and it was a sort of a « failure ». But i think this is the good decision to take and i understood that it doesn’t mean that i give up. I want to be stronger to try it again, later. Maybe i will sew as much as before, if i find my motivation back, away from the money problems. Who could say what will happen.
I have a lot of projects for this year, even if i will probably have less time than before to invest on them. I don’t want to say too much but i can say that first, i will get a new logo. New start, new imagery ! Then i would like to go to a doll convention this year, i mean, not ldoll festival, but another one or two. To be on my booth, and talk to you, to share my hobby with other collectors and so on. I have also started around a year ago, to sculpt my first doll head. I am still far from being ready to show it to you, but i deeply would like to make this project come true this year. Some little shops asked me for outfits, i wouldn’t like to break my words on them, and their investment on dolls community is so fantastic that i would like to help in a way. And other projects too ^^ This is exciting !!
I started sewing again this morning. I can’t wait to present all my dolls again here, with a portrait of each character, in new clothes. And to update my etsy shop, to make new faces up and so on !! I will maybe also change my website when i will get the new logo.
But i would like to thank you very much, all of you, who have supported me by regularly visit this website, my facebook page or twitter, by sending me messages, or buying my outfits. I hope you will still get interested on my work this year, and that, maybe, we will be able to meet in the real life ! I wish you all the best for this year !!

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