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Ooak means « one of a kind ». All the outfits i have made are unique, i never make two similar clothes in the same size. The process of creation is what i like the most and i never feel annoyed by my work because i always create something new or different. It doesn’t mean that i don’t have a style or that i don’t make outfits that can look pretty similar but there is always something different in each of them. Something that make them unique. And our dolls are unique : we buy them and customize them to look like we wish them to look. We are all differents, our dolls are all differents. And i think it’s pretty important to propose outfits that you will never see anywhere else in another doll : because yours is unique.
I like working with good fabrics and i’m pretty lucky : i live in Lyon, in France, and my town is famous for centuries for its very high quality fabrics and work of silk.

– outfits made in 2014 :

– outfits made in 2013 :

– outfits made in 2012

– outfits made in 2011

– outfits made before 2011

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