Gallery Projects

  • – Project Poe Pette

Project Poe Pette was a special project of 3 outfits for Ldoll 2 (2011).
I am a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe and I took inspiration for those three outfits, from three texts that i really like. My dear friend Templeton has been very helpful to make me understand and notice the structure of the texts : thank you very much !
Those three texts were :
– « A dream within a dream » : my favourite poem (the second one is Annabel Lee ^^)
– « Ligeia »
–  and « Berenice », my favourite text from Poe.

« A dream within a dream »
Doll : custom house iriya
I made a special face up and sold her in fullset with outfit, wig and eyes.

« Ligeia »
Doll : Iplehouse EID Asa
Made the outfit and the crown. Very inspired by the image of curtains in the text.

« Berenice »
Doll : Soom supergem Beryl lmod
My favourite text ever. I made a little bag with false teeth that i didn’t take in picture.

I made those outfit years ago and i have improved a lot my sewing techniques since Ldoll 2. Those outfits have a lot of mistakes and not enough details for me now but i am still proud of my ideas, what i did and very happy of the discussions we had about textes with Templeton.

  • – Dollice Lusion

Outfits made for a doll fashion show during the event « Cyberia » in Lyon (France) in 2009.
Thank you to all of my friends who came to help and to carry the dolls and make them « live » during the show.
This was a big event for me with what i considered then as a lot of outfits to make. I’m proud of what i did and have very good memories of this experience !

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