Clothes Commission

/!\Only 3 available slots per month for commissionable service /!\

July 2015 : i don’t take any clothes commissions for the moment.

/!\Please read carefully/!\

If you’re interested in asking a commissionned clothes from Lelahel, please read carefully everything here. I will consider all those terms as being well understood and agreed if you send me the deposit to hold a slot.


How to place an order

Contact me
When you know what you would like me to make for you, send me a pm or an email with all the details I have to know, such as color scale, size and so on… I will answer you as soon as possible and once we agreed on details, i will ask for a non refundable deposit of 30$ (or 25€) per item to start working on your project. When the outfit is ready, I send pictures and ask for the rest of the amount. I would send the clothes within 1 or 2 days then.
I usually need beetween 2 and 4 weeks to realize a commission item, depending on the outfit and my job.

If you’re not satisfied of the clothes i made for you, i accept to make a second one, only if i did a mistake. For example, you told me that you wanted a dress with lace and i didn’t put lace. I won’t ask any extra cost for remaking it then.
But if the mistake doesn’t come from my own understanding of your instructions, i would ask for extra cost to make a second outfit.
And please keep in mind two things :
– i can not guess something you don’t explain to me. If you say « dress » but you wanted a top and a skirt, the instructions were not clear enough. Give me as many details as you can,
– I will re do your commission but not in priority.

Sizes I work with
Girls : Feeple 65 – Super gem -Feeple 60 – Cerisedoll sd size – Twigling
Boys: Volks SD13
I Can ask to my friends a lot of other sizes such as EID, MSD…please just send me a message to know about it. But please note that I would need more time to make the outfit, depending on when i could have the doll.

For informations

– I work with high quality material. My fabrics and braids are carefully chosen and for a majority of them, they’re made in France, in my own area, around Lyon.
– I have my own style, barocco and classical. I am not always able to make something very different from my style, so please if you ask a commission from me, keep in mind that it will be made with my own personnality. I am not just a big automatic sewing machine, i’m an artist with my own sensibility.
– I never imitate or copy clothes made by company or other seamstress. I can take inspiration of outfits if you want to show me examples of what you wish, but i won’t make the same thing. And i don’t do « cosplay costumes » for dolls.
– that’s right that my prices are not cheap, but i make everything by myself with good materials. All my outfits are unique and made in France, with an original design. thank you !

Shipping cost : (for one item) I am located in France.
I send my items on padded envelopps, and i can’t take responsability for post damages or lost

paypal only, paypal fees not included on prices below
>Feedbacks doa ebay and here in Materiel Celeste

If you have any question please feel free to send me a message


Outfits and prices

prices do not include shipping cost and paypal fees, they are in euro € (i accept payment in us dollar, i will apply the change conversion of the day you sent me the payment and calculate it with the website XE)

Those pictures, and outfits style, are just here to give you some examples of my word and a scale of prices. Of course i can make those outfits for you, but i can adapt them, or do something in the same style but in another way if you wish so. Don’t hesitate to contact me to talk about your wishes and have a more detailed estimation.

-† The surprise commission †
With this option, you give me informations about your doll (size and so on), its character, the colors you would like and…i make something on my own for you. And you will know only when it’s done what i’ve prepared for you ! This is a way – if you don’t exactly know what you’re looking for – to surprise you and maybe to try new styles for your doll.
price : SD size : around 120€, msd size around 90€

† From one of your drawing †
If you want me to make a clothes from one of your own drawings, i can make it ! But please understood that this is a quite difficult thing to do. I will need more time as i probably will need to make new patterns just for your dolls, and more money for all the time i’ll spend on it. Of course the drawing must be yours, i don’t want to make anything which is not on your own design.
price: SD girls and boys, around 140€, msd girls around 100€


From my own design

Those outits are shown as examples. We can start from one of those designd i can modify them a little bit to get closer from your ideas. If there is a big difference, price will be updated (for instance if you want to add a cloack…)

If you want a SD girl outfit, it may cost beetween 90 and 140€, for a minifee outfit beetween 70 and 120€ for most wanted designs.For a complete SD boys outfit (5 pieces), it should be around 150€, beetween 90 and 130€ for 3 pieces outfits for boys for most wanted designs.
But please contact me to know anything about prices, it’s free and doesn’t commit you at any point.

† Outfit 01 : Regency †
with the underdress, the upper dress and the stole
closable with press studs on the back.
I can make long or short sleeves, with or without collar, with thin or large belt. As i try to make the upper dress as soft as possible, it may be possible that i use a transparent fabric. If you really don’t want the dress to be transparent, please tell me.

† Outfit 02 † Model little girl
with the skirt, the top, the petticoat and the jacket. Of course i can make a short or long skirt if you want a more Victorian style.

† Outfit 02 † Ladylike
with a long or short skirt, a corset and a bolero jacket.

† Outfit 05 †
with pants, blouse, cardigan, tie and jacket. It all closes with press studs.

† Outfit 06 †
with pants, cardigan and shirt, with press studs.

Please feel free to send me a message for any question !

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